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Five Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Copier or Multifunction System

Multifunction Printers (MFP) combine printing, copying, scanning and faxing into one device. Properly configured and deployed, copiers for business can bring tremendous benefits to an organization.

  • Cost Savings through consolidating print, copy, fax and scan devices into one unit, reducing the number of supplies to stock and maintenance contracts.
  • Environmental Impact through two-sided printing and reducing power consumed by three or more devices into on energy-efficient device.
  • Productivity Improvement by integrating scanned documents into your business workflows with features like scan-to-email and scan-to-file.
  • Network Efficiency with fewer devices for your I.T. department to support on the network.
  • Image Enhancement to allow you to print higher quality when you need it.
  • Security through the ability to hold print jobs at the device until the user enters a PIN.
  • Management to help you measure and control print usage in your organization

The most important thing is that your device fits your company and easily integrates into the way you do business. In this summary buyer’s guide, you will learn the key areas you need to evaluate when considering the best multifunction copier for your business.


Step 1: Determine Your Requirements

Determining what you need in your business copy/printer will greatly determine the kind of machine that you will need.

Centralized or Decentralized Deployment: You will need to decide whether you need centralized deployment (one machine that is used by the workgroup) or a decentralized deployment (multiple machines placed throughout the company to be used by different workgroups).

Monthly Volume: How many pages do you print and copy in your office each month? This is an important question to ask yourself, and one of the easiest ways to determine this is by the number of cases of paper you buy each month.

Printing in Color: Color is a huge asset to companies. Is color printing a part of your company, or do you typically just print invoices in black and white? Keep in mind, color printings costs more than just the typical black and white because it requires the use of four supplies: black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Printing color in-house, though, can be much more cost efficient than outsourcing every time you need materials printed.

Features Needed: Do you need a document feeder that will help you process documents for copying and scanning jobs? Will you need a finishing unit that can staple, fold or hole punch paper? Do you fax enough to needing a fax kit added to your copier? Does your company print so much paper or so many different types of paper that you will need multiple paper trays? These are all incredibly important to think about when selecting the right copier for your business.


Step 2: Consider Your Business Processes and Workflow

When selecting multifunction systems, make sure to take the time to consider how they could be integrated into your business processes. These systems provide a bridge between the paper and digital worlds, and when you can streamline the flow of this information, you can deliver tremendous benefits in your business.

Scanning: Scanning converts paper information to digital information. It can be a key tool for communication, archiving, workflow and automation.

Electronic Document Management: This allows you to create a secure, searchable archive of your business information, from Microsoft Word files to PDFs and emails.

Faxing: Most multifunction systems allow you to add faxing as an option, reducing the amount of separate machines needed in your office. They are usually combined with scan-to-email as well, making the system a central hub for communication in your business.


Step 3: Minimize Your Environmental Impact

Businesses have begun realizing that there are smart ways to reduce their environmental impact that can also reduce costs. Multifunction systems are great assets to this.

Device Consolidation: Some of the largest electric consumers are printers, copiers and faxes, all of which are consolidated into a single machine. The result? Saving you space, time and money.

Energy Star: Newer multifunction systems are Energy Star certified, meaning that they have been built to include the latest energy-saving strategies and help you save money.

Duplex Printing: Enabling duplex (two-sided) printing is a simple way to reduce paper consumption. You can set this either as the default for printing and copying or select it when doing so.


Step 4: Choose the Best Acquisition Method

Buying a copier does not have to be large expense. One of the best things about office technology is that you have the opportunity to enjoy the productivity, workflow and environmental benefits without having to make a capital expense.

Purchase or Lease: Leasing a copier/printer allows you to view printing, copying, faxing and scanning as a service. You simply pay for them as you use them. Leasing offers several benefits such as not having to spend a large amount of capital and gives you flexibility to add or move systems as the time goes on without being tied down to one copier.

Cost-Per-Page Agreements: Many copier dealers will offer agreements where you only pay for the prints, copies, scans and faxes that you use, as well as tie in supplies and preventative maintenance. You can usually bundle all of your devices and services into one agreement, which allows you to have only one company that you call for all your copier service and supplies.


Step 5: Find A Partner

The most important part of buying multifunction systems is to find a local copier dealer who can help you get the systems you need, integrate them into your workflows, and be there to provide support. With the right partner, your multifunction systems can become a real asset to your business.

References: Does the dealer your investigating have reliable service? Check to see if they are certified, have won awards (recently!), and have references from other local companies to back them up.

Remote Monitoring and Meter Collection: With today’s technology, some remote monitoring allows service providers to watch the status of your multifunction system and respond to problems proactively. This same technology too can be used to collect meter readings from the system. It saves you time and keeps your system and office running smoothly.

Networking: Just like copier service repair, technicians that can successfully and safely work on your network are important. Make sure you find a partner with a proven track record of integrating both hardware and software.



Look at your multifunction systems as more than a copy machine or printer. Consider these versatile systems a strategic part of your technology mix. Your multifunction systems can bring your business new levels of productivity as they are integrated with your computer network and business processes. They can help you reduce costs while minimizing your environmental footprint.


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