CCS Employee is Celebrated for 20 Years of Employment

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Stephanie Robinson was employed at Consolidated Copier Services in November of 1998. She started working as a Dispatcher/Service Coordinator, answering the phones and placing service calls for customers. She was promoted to Sales Assistant, and eventually worked her way up to become the Sales Representative for Henry and Butts counties. Stephanie has been with the company through many, if not most, of its major transitions. She was hired at Consolidated Copier Services’ original location in Conyers and has moved with the company to Stockbridge and then to McDonough, where it has been since 2013. The longest-employed Sales Representative at CCS, Stephanie has been a longstanding face for the company and has been featured in various ads and articles over the years.
Stephanie has brought in an incredible amount of income to CCS during her time here, both monetary and other. She has cultivated the positive reputation CCS has earned over the thirty years since its founding with her ability to connect and appeal to all kinds of people. Her concern for her customers is clear in the way she gets to know them outside of the office and keeps up with events in their personal life. She’s developed years’ worth of sales knowledge to impart to our newer representatives and office staff. Simply put, Consolidated Copier Services wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for Stephanie.

On behalf of all of us at Consolidated Copier Services, thank you and congratulations, Stephanie!