Questions to ask when buying a copier

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Buying a copier can be a little complicated. With such a variety of copiers and copier dealers to choose from, it’s important to ask the right questions! Below are some questions that we feel can be beneficial to you when you’re on the search for a new machine.

Do you charge shipping for supplies?

With Consolidated, we will never charge you for shipping parts and supplies. We are up front with you about what is covered and will never stick in small charges that you won’t know about.

Why are you recommending this particular machine for me?

There are so many options in the MFP world, and it is important that your customer representative is providing the perfect machine to meet your needs. Make sure your rep knows your volume and usage so that the machine they propose is not too big or too small.

Are delivery, installation, and initial networking included in my purchase or do I have to pay separately? 

With all copier and printer purchases, we deliver, install and do the initial networking for you at no additional cost. Some companies will charge additional for this – make sure you know!

Do you offer a free loaner program?

What happens when your copier goes down, you’re in the middle of a huge print job, and the parts needed are going to take a week to come in? Some companies will apologize for the inconvenience and leave you in a jam, but with Consolidated, we have good, working machines that we can deliver same-day per the technician’s request (so no waiting on corporate to approve a loaner).

Are you an authorized dealer? 

We are an authorized dealer, meaning that you will always receive service from technicians that are factory-trained and certified on our products, parts and supplies that are from the original manufacturer, manufacturer support, the replacement guarantee, and more.

Will I usually have the same technician repairing my copier? 

When you need assistance, the same technician will be out to visit you 95% of the time. They will know your office well and your system in and out so that service will be faster and more accurate.

What will my relationship with you be like after completion of the sale?

Throughout your relationship with us, you will always be a priority, even after the sale. Even after initial training, if you ever have a question or need additional training, you can contact your customer representative anytime.