A full array of office technology

We’re proud to offer a full array of office technology in addition to copiers and printers. Through Consolidated Copier Services you can also purchase paper shredders, scanners, cutter, trimmers, folders, fax machines, and more! Our shredders range from deskside to commercial grade document shredders, and include high security, high capacity, cross cut and strip cut options. Many customers have purchased heavy duty paper shredders from us and saved a great deal of money from outsourcing their shredding. Cutters, trimmers, and folders are very popular as well, especially with customers such as churches, print shops, marketing departments, event planners/venues, and more. Fax machines are ideal for medical offices or other venues where faxing is critical, and one fax or multifunction machine for the entire office may not be sufficient for their needs. Please contact us for more information and to see your options. Call us at 678-289-5100 or fill out the Request form.

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